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Made my Goal

Some, well, quite a bit of my prose in this venture is pure junk. But I’m actually happy with what is going on with the characters. One thing though, I’ve got to stop introducing new characters.

There is really something to be said for this kind of writing. If I were writing about real events in my life, I could slam it out pretty quickly. One of the reasons I am writing so quickly, even with no idea of what my novel would be as of last monday, is because my main characters are based mostly on myself and my girls. My setting is exactly where I live, right now, but without electricity or any hope of electricity in the future. But this is merely a matter of using what I know to cover for the fact that I haven’t actually developed anything unique. It is a good crutch for this practice, but not one I want to lean on much.

However, I can see how, if I had a novel well plotted, that I could get it out nearly as fast. I can see how such writing may sound more natural than the tortured molding of fashionable sentences. I must also admit that I have my greatest fun with the interaction between my characters.

I can also see the pitfalls of such production. It becomes very stream of conciousness and may even allow for more of the author’s mindset to leak into the narrative than would happen if plot was being slaved over as words drifted onto the page.

Best piece of “Text bulking”:

“Come on Trisha, can’t you think of something else to say?”
“We need to keep this conversation going until Rick decides to walk through the door.”
“Rick is going to walk through the door?”
“Yeah. Didn’t the author tell you that?”
“Well, no.”
“Well he is.”
“Oh. So I guess that means he is okay.”

That, folks, is how I hit 10,000 in five days.

My favorite piece of writing:

She didn’t realize that she had fallen asleep until she heard the door open downstairs. She listened with her breath held, remembering that she had left the gun downstairs. But the steps moved through the house with the confidence of ownership and Jennifer recognized Carl’s strong gait.

Question of the Day: I still have questions about how the sewage system works. Gross contemplation, but necssary for my story. This would be a major concern in a post-apocalyptic society.

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  1. I can’t tell you how a sewage system works, but I bet there’s someone out there with a blog who gets hardly any comments who’d love to tell you. Why not find him?

    You’ve got some interesting things going on with your writing. Let me know if I can help you in any way.

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