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Need a new website and Zing day 3

I was very busy yesterday with meetings and getting some things done for my editor, so I didn’t have time to really work on the Zing assignment.

I’m trying to get my husband to put together a new website for me. I have a few ideas that could be fun. I definitely do want to put up a bibliography and links to previously published material. An about me page. Maybe even a fitness tracker as I get back to my training.

So my paltry findings yesterday were:

1. Pot full of of agitated water in front of the kitchen window. The window has white blinds on it, and the agitation creates a lot of waves.

2. An Asian lady walking down the street pulling a red suitcase behind her. There are no hotels close by.

3. The layers of paint on a decorative ball in an office. This Zing is probably directed toward my day job with 3D.

4. I always wonder about the people who painted these things. I usually imagine something horrible like a bunch of kids being exploited in a developing country.

5. In another room I could hear someone speaking native french.

6. This was in my critique group last night: The women who campaigned AGAINST the vote in the late 19th and early 20th century. Who WERE these women?

So by the time I got everything done it was very late last night and this was all I had come up with. It’s the next day, and I already have some cool things down though.

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