Zing day 4

1. Tree galls: insects induce the tree to grow tumors that are shelters for the insects’ young.
Mealy Oak Gall
Oak Marble Gall
Gall Forming Aphids

2. A new building toy that has parts that remember how you moved them so kids can create totally unique “robots” but building and then physically making the toy move the way they want.

3. What happens when kids from countries/religions that are unfriendly find themselves in a totally different country going to the same school and sharing friends?

4. “Mom, I have new friends. The Spore creatures are my new friends and we’re having a parade.” Said in the middle of the night by my feverish son.

5. Sweet dark green sporty convertible

6. Open the girls’ bedroom to the overwhelming smell of fingernail polish.

7. School district split leads to the raging debate of “Should I go to the old ghetto school with the gangs AND the best classes from years of being an ALPS school or should I go to the new one that is closer?”

8. Not one, but two pairs of shoes hanging on the power line. Who were the owners and how did they get there?

9. A few days ago, but I just remembered: What appears to be a jogger, but with an old and lumpy black ski mask on, running towards the school.

10. Couple married for over 30 years going on a trip to Hawaii on saved frequent flyer miles.

11. A dog chewed grasshopper

12. A buried statue where we can see only a face and a hand.

13. God-rays, when the sun’s light shines through holes in the clouds to spotlight the land beneath it. Really, clouds in general are beautiful creatures. It is no real surprise that people have thought of heaven as being in the clouds.

14. Clouds triggered an old memory of mine: Walking to Junior High through in the winter. It was very foggy and a fresh layer of snow lay on the ground. In the middle of the school yard, the fog obscured everything. Only the white, with no sound but the thoughts running through my head. I am constantly amazed at the variety and beauty of our experience in life.

15. “Without people it just looks like an ice queen”. There is a certain context here, but feel free to make whatever you want out of it.

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