Zing day 5

So, for those not in the know I am following John Brown’s assignment to think up 10-20 zings a day for a week. There has been some discussion with some other writer friends about externalizing the muse rather than feeling like a failure if it we don’t happen to be brilliant every time we sit down to write. Also, talking about when this finicky creature chooses to hit. There seems to be some feeling that it is a bit random, and so we must be at our keyboards as much as possible so that when it does hit, we’re in the right place.

I certainly believe in the concept of butt in chair, fingers to the keyboard. The more time we spend working on our art, of course the more writing we will do. And we’ll probably experience more inspiration. But this isn’t just a matter of working the statistics.

Two things:

The more we write and think about it, the more we work out that part of our brain responsible for creative brilliance. It’s just like any muscle.

And the more we’re looking for Zing, the more our muse will speak to us. The more questions we ask, of everyday things we see all the time, the more we’ll be inspired.

I think that is one of the things I love about Dr. Who. Within this universe, The Doctor is so very excited about everything he sees. I’ve always been irritated by Donna, one of the recent companions, but I am in love with the fact that The Doctor always says she brilliant, she’s great and he’s happy to have her there. Even when faced with technology that is going to Destroy Everything As We Know It, he’s always exclaiming how remarkable it is – before he manages to stop it and save the day. I have to admit he is one of my favorite characters of all time. Can’t beat the accent either.

So on to my zings for the day:

1. A big gulp cup thrown on the street. Who drank it? Where were they going and where did they come from? Why did they just throw the cup down? Even the answer “bad upbringing” begs more questions.

2. At the children’s museum today there was someone I swear I’d known in Oregon like 18 years ago. So I asked. It wasn’t.

3. Both parents make a living being clowns, and the teenage son is expected to follow.

4. An area of brick wall at the middle school where the bricks have been chipped away almost down to the level of the mortar. There is a stone facade divider running down the middle of this damaged brick, but it is fine. Was there a single accident and it was repaired? A persistent act of vandalism? I must have been some zing to someone else because I got out of the car to go inspect it more closely. At first I’d thought that the mortar had been somehow different and more messy.

5. Colorful and sheer scarves.

6. There is this building that used to be almost condemned. A construction company took it over, painted it up and in some windows braced it. Then they painted a mural on it.

7. “The Book of Clues” This is a title in our library, almost 20 years out of date but somehow it has never disappeared. The cover is a glorious stereotypical scantily clad woman and man and dragon fantasy type. I don’t know why the man is throwing a fireball away from the obviously threatening dragon, though.

8. One of the older sons of our next door neighbor has been parking their car more and more in front of our house. It is now fully in front of the house, nowhere near being mistaken for being at their house, and very close to our driveway. There are reasons this is even creepier, but I’m not inclined to divulge them. So, dear reader, make up your own reason.

9. So, at the museum store you can purchase chocolate covered ants, millipedes covered in cheese powder or spicy powder, and crickets that come in various flavors including sour cream and onion and salt and vinegar. I tried to get myself to buy them and eat them. I urged myself that the ZING would be worth it. But in the end, I just couldn’t imagine putting those things with lots of pokey legs and eyes and poor little tiny brains in my mouth.

But now I remember, I’ve had spider crab whole… legs and all fried in batter… in sushi and it is one of the best sushi rolls I’ve ever had. So maybe if I batter and deep fry the insects I can eat them. Hmmm.

10. Just what is it that my dog randomly smells in the yard? What is it like to have smell be a dominant sense?

11. Children’s museum has an old Life Flight helicopter in it. It was pretty cool sitting down in the helicopter. There are so many buttons! What do they all do? What is it like to pilot one of those? I tried to imagine how it would feel to have the stick in my hand and feel the force of the wind against it as I maneuvered it in the sky. Are there less buttons now and more computer control? This is one of those things it would be really fun to learn.

That’s it for the day.

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