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Happy Anniversary to us!

Eighteen years ago on a friday night just like this one, I chose to go to a dance.

For all you newcomers to my blog, here is the experience of how I met Vladimir.

I started this blog out talking about intercultural marriage, partially because it is a fairly uncommon experience and it would be an interesting topic. And partially because the issue was heavy on my mind. My mother-in-law was going to live with us.

Since then, my crazy Russian husband and I have actively started our own business, Geekatplay, and co-authored a book together.

Being married to someone from another culture is interesting enough, but just being married as long as we have been (17 years now) is also an achievement in this throw-away culture.

I hope the next part doesn’t get too preachy for some people. But it is a subject I love, because it has borne its sweet fruits so well for me.

I read a blog somewhere. The writer was so irritated at the modern proverb, “It takes a lot of work for a good marriage.” Her claim was that if it takes a lot of work, then it isn’t love and it isn’t a good marriage. I couldn’t disagree more. Even in a happy relationship, it only gets better with more work.

Love in an action verb. If we love someone, we serve them. Otherwise, it is just warm fuzzies and the wind can blow those away. Sometimes it isn’t easy. Sometimes it might not even be fair, but we all come with our different baggage and weaknesses so our loving spouse has their own chance to serve us in ways that are difficult and unfair.

Oh, don’t take this in any way to mean that anyone should bear abuse.

But neither should we expect everything to fall out perfectly of its own accord without forgiveness and fostering kind thoughts towards our spouse.

Anyway, dear reader, I think I got one of the really good guys. I am so very, very happy that 18 years ago I decided to dance instead of watch a movie.

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  1. Happy anniversary!!! Marriage does take a lot of work because you have to remodel yourself into a much less selfish person to be a good spouse and that takes quite awhile.

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