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Zing day 7!

The end of my week! Is this a sad thing, or a happy thing? It isn’t the end of Zing on my blog, but no longer should I come up with

Once again, I’d like to point any of my readers to John Brown’s blog, who is the cause for all this mayhem.

1. Vladimir took me out on a nice date, celebrating his new job and our anniversary, etc. We went with some friends. That is just a nice thing and probably boring. It is an unfortunate fact that except to the fortunates, happy things are boring. But this has an evil twist: we got food poisoning. No worries, mom. It is pretty mild. I am sure it will be gone when we wake up. It is just the disappointing timing of the occurrence.

2. And the extreme grossness of what food poisoning is usually caused by. Wash your hands, people!

3. On the way out of the restaurant, there was this guy walking down the street singing at the top of his lungs. Drunk.

4. In front of the restaurant was a statue about the first LDS Sunday School in 1849. They wanted the kids to learn too.

5. I went into a Mac store for the first time today. That is a surreal experience. It is like the apogee of American corporatism.

6. Vladimir looked at guns at a sporting goods store, and told the sharp shooter that had recently been honorably discharged from the army that he voted for Obama.

7. We saw a pimpy looking guy driving a Lotus. Those cars, all by themselves are worth some zing. But the driver was just frosting on the cake.

8. The parrot at our Vet/Groomer makes cries like a scared dog.

9. Disney is an evil, corporate conglomerate whose only goal is to get your kids to give them money. They do not care what children they destroy in the process.

10. Phrase from Dollhouse with interesting connotations, both in and out of context: “I was raised in a laboratory”

11. The crescent moon and Venus very close to each other.

Not every Zing is good for story writing, but every zing adds to this kind of creative buzz. I told John at Life, the Universe, and Everything, that I really thought it was also another way of showing gratitude. And for a writer, especially, we can extend that gratitude even to the negative things that happen in our life because those things not only give us the strength to overcome other things, they give us fodder for stories.

One of the cool technologies of the day that I’ve been more or less ignoring because I just don’t want to have to figure out yet another new technology is Twitter. I got a bit of a flash when I realized that one of the perfect uses for Twitter would be to record any Zings I get as I get them. So, I’m going to figure that out.

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  1. I’ve been reading. There are a lot of good ideas here. Congrats on finishing the week of zing!!!

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