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Love, death, and dreams.

Before I forget about this, I need to get this down.

Close to where I live is a really tiny cemetery. Driving by the other day, I saw a funeral. Old, uniformed men were attending it. It isn’t just the “We’re losing all our WWII veterans” that crossed my mind. It is their whole life. War, family, sadness and joy. I hope the soldier had a good life.

I also saw a frighteningly timid and thin woman with her very ebullient husband tonight.

I was at an awards dinner, where there was also a young man who had been invited. Everyone invited could bring a guest. He couldn’t find one, so he came alone but ordered two dinners and ate them both. Does it surprise anyone that he was about 18?

And now, a last thought, brought to you by U2. Lyrics from Get on your boots:

“You don’t know how beautiful you are.”

I love this. No matter how much we think we are, we are more beautiful than that. We have all this knowing to look forward to. This is true of everyone in the world. Everyone is beautiful, and none of them know the half of it. Yeah.

A similar quote I’ve grown up with: “If you could see what God knows you can be, you’d rise up and never be the same.”

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  1. That was truly beautiful. The opposite of cynical. We need more of your perspective in this world.

  2. Thanks, Ted.

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