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The mysterious life of children

Sometime while I was not paying attention this afternoon, my son (very soon to be four) stole my new tea ball out of my cup, and then hung it on the computer desk right where he plays next to me. He had been fascinated with it before but I didn’t realize how much. Suddenly I see through his eyes how magical it must be, all silver with mysterious holes in it, smelling wonderful (apricot roobios) and being kind of heavy with a little chain. What imagining did he do with it, what wondering, when he took it out and hung it and played with it while I wasn’t there to watch him?

Oh, I will kill the magic if I ask him. So I’ll just put it away.

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  1. This just made me smile. And smile.

  2. children has their ways to enjoy life. let them enjoy! 🙂 -http://www.kika.ca-

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