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Mormon temples

Most of my readers know that I’m LDS; Mormon. We build temples. One of the most important reasons for temples is to tie together families from our oldest ancestors to those who are to come in the future. They are there to make the human family whole.

Where I live we have had two temples near us under construction. The first one, the Draper temple, was completed this winter and had its open house which we took our children to. Everyone can enter during this time, before a temple is dedicated. If you’re ever in an area where this is happening, take the opportunity to see one. The craftsmanship is remarkable. I believe these are probably the most beautiful buildings being made today.

The second temple, the Oquirrh Mountain Temple I am lucky to live close enough to that I often run by it during my workouts. I have watched it being built for years now. It will have its open house this spring and summer.

This past weekend we dedicated the Draper temple. Even if we are regular temple goers, this is a rare experience.

Every worthy baptized member can participate. Because so many want to, the dedication is broadcast by satellite to church buildings across the local area. Tens of thousands of people bow their heads in prayer and lift up their hearts in the same sentiments being expressed. A dedicatory prayer is not only about this timeless building being put aside for God’s work, it is a blessing on the whole world – for wisdom in our leaders and peace for all the children of the Earth.

It is an awe inspiring, deeply touching prayer to be involved in.

Once a temple is dedicated, they are there both to serve our ancestors and for the growth and learning of those of us who are alive. Being in the temple is like interactively experiencing scripture. It’s reaffirming promises to do good to other people and to lift others up. I love the Celestial room inside the temple, where we can meditate in absolute peace – apart from all the distractions of the world, and come away with answers to questions, acceptance and strength for the hard things we can’t change, and renewed love for the world around us.

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