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We are all monarchs and servants

Recently, I went to Yoga for the first time. My first impression was that the teacher was basically doing the what we were doing, except that she was telling us how to do it at the same time. Then, at the end of class, as she instructed us to relax into final surrender, I was slightly suprised when she came, whispered quietly to let her do the work, and then moved her hands up my neck and head to align them better. I realized in that instance, that this morning that was to me and my classmates a tranquil beginning to the day, was work to her. She did not get the same benefit out of it that I did.

How often we are served.

When we go to the grocery store, we cannot leave without the service of the cashier who has had this job for seven years and does not hope for more. They have been instructed to ask us if we found everything, if we have been satisfied. And if we haven’t, it is they who must listen to our complaint and the complaint of tens of others that day amd every other day at work, about issues that they have no control over except to pass it on to the manager.

We are waited on at restaurants, watched over by our police officers, taught by our teachers, healed by our doctors, administered to by our clergy, listened to by our friends, and served in a number of other ways by people who have often never even crossed our thoughts.

Sure, most of them are payed for it. But still, the quality of our life is as good as it is because of the sercice others. These people may not have as much as we do. They may, in fact, be having a very difficult time and their service to us may be quite a burden to them for which they are not compensated enough.

So thank you, to all who lift me up on their shoulders. I hope you are having a good day. I hope I think enough to do something for you if you are not. And I hope that I serve those around me with kindness and honor no matter what kind of day I am having.

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