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New gym, new personal training evaluation

So, our gym memberships for both the icky gym which I haven’t been to in over a year and the city rec center both ran out this month. We were just going to renew the rec one, and then some friends in our neighborhood told us about one that had a rock climbing wall. I have been wanting to rock climb for years. And it had three pools: an Olympic length lap pool, an indoor fun pool and an outdoor one. I drooled.

So when everything got ironed out with Vladimir’s new job, and I got Vue book proofs done, we wandered over there to take a look. The child center there rocked, and that was the clincher. Little one loves it. Runs in there every time I go.

A bit later I got called in for a fitness evaluation, which is really an appointment with a personal trainer to sell me on their services. They definitely had a jaded customer coming in. Just give me the numbers please and let’s dispense with the pitch.

At the very least, the guys at this gym have more training. When I mentioned my over use injury a couple of years ago, the guy said all the right things about it, sounding a lot like what I’d heard from my physical therapist. The conversation was less script driven than before, but even the script was much more positive. My weight is 10 lbs more than when the personal trainer at the other gym evaluated me here, and rather than suggesting I lose another 10 lbs, I was told it was good. All we wanted to work on was body fat ratio. That impressed me. The trainer at the icky gym, when I knew I was very near the low range of my weight, told me that I would be much hotter of I lost another 10 lbs.

Still, to be honest the price is out of our range right now. It is their goal to sell me their services, so I had to put up with “Isn’t this a priority?” etc and being made to feel just a twinge of guilt when I had to turn them down. I hate the “buy right now” attitude that seems to be part of the schpeel with every gym. I know the whole psychology behind why this method is used, and I get that they really have to turn over a profit. I just don’t like to be the object of it, even if I’m fairly sure I like the service.

The bottom line is that here, at least, if I were to spend my money I think I’d trust the service much more. Even so, I think I’d rather spend my money on a triathlon coach.

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  1. Yeah, if someone told you you needed to lose weight I would wonder what they were smoking. The feeling about being pushed to buy something is so frustrating. We finally have our own house and so the sales have started. The other day it was for some cleaning product. When I told the guy I was happy using Amway products which have always worked well for me, he sat there and put Amway down. Then railed on me for not wanting to wake my husband to get him to agree to let me spend the money. I think I would rather buy anything, even a good product, from someone who said. I respect that. Here are the facts that I know about mine, and yes, here is my card, call me when you are ready. Sorry, for the rant!!!

  2. Yeah, and I had already weighed less. So, it was a bit “what misogynist planet are you from?”.

    The answer was the planet of sales. Having income rely directly on sales achieved is good for the company, but I think it is in general bad for most salesmen and customers. We can turn a salesman down and walk away. They have to do the same thing over and over again. No wonder they need so much encouragement and inspiration, or a huge ego already. They’re doing a job where most people are irritated at first sight by them. Even if they have a good product (which the fitness trainer I just met did) they have to push it farther than the customer might want.

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