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Related to Barack Obama?

“We’re Related” says that I’m related to Barack Obama. There is only one problem. Okay, there are two problems.

First, it’s April the First – Fools Day!

Second, my supposed great grandparents died in 85 and 99, and I don’t recognize their names. BUZZ.

I remember the deaths of two of my great grandparents, in 1976. I don’t remember when the others died, but it was before I was born.

And thirdly, being Mormon, I have a good idea of my genealogy dating back even to the 3rd century, where I am the daughter of Northern people of legend. What this really means is there is royalty in my background (as there probably is with most people).

People I know I’m related to that are cool. Way cooler than our current Mr. President:

Anne Boleyn. This was the second wife of Henry VIII, mother to Queen Elizabeth I, and the first to be beheaded. Of course I’m not directly descended from her, but from her sister, Mary. You know, The Other Boleyn Girl. That was a silly book/movie BTW.

This line also gets me Henry II and Eleanor of Aquitaine.

I’m also related to Pocahontas, through her two children with John Smith.

And Penelope Stout, a woman who was partially scalped, disemboweled, and left for dead by an aggressive group of Native Americans, who survived on her own for a couple of days, then was rescued by some other Native Americans who remained her friends while she lived in New Jersey to the age of 110, after having born ten kids.

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  1. Every family tree has some sap in it.

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