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The Speed of Dark by Elizabeth Moon

The Speed of Dark (Ballantine Reader's Circle) The Speed of Dark by Elizabeth Moon

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Lou Arrendale is an autistic who, because of new technologies with learning and stimulus, can live on his own, have a job, and even enjoys a fencing hobby. Still, he has many impairments when it comes to social interaction as well as a diagnosis that limits his career possibilities. When an experimental treatment to cure his autism is developed by the company he works for, he is faced with several important questions, besides how dangerous it could be. If he likes himself, why does he want to change? Will he still be himself?

I give this five stars rather than four because it was one of those novels that not only grabbed me and kept me on the couch or up late at night reading, but it made me think and still makes me think. Moon’s portrayal of an autistic is beautiful, not just in the voice but in the way Lou sees the world.

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