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Lamentation by Ken Scholes

Lamentation Lamentation by Ken Scholes

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As I’ve listened to rather than read this book, please forgive any spelling errors in the names and such.

Lamentation starts out with the destruction of a city with its vast central library, survived only by a boy and a mechoservitor. The rest of the book basically deals with the burial of this action: coming to grips with it and starting anew.

I enjoyed the mix of magic and a future technology that was lost and being rediscovered through archeology. The added touch of politics with an order of monks controlling all of these discoveries for a delicious read.

Scholes developed the characters well, so that in the end we sympathized with even the villains. Rudolfo was an especially interesting character, being accurately described by his nemesis as foppish, and yet Rudolfo has a strong will, strategic and military skills, as well as honor.

One other thing I’m impressed with as a writer myself is his ability to put epic depth into a regular sized book. And yet I’m left wondering if this cutting off point was just a bit artificial, so that the book could be fit into the constraints we writers are given these days. Nevertheless, I’m looking forward to reading the next one.

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