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Pandora’s Star by Peter Hamilton

Pandora's Star Pandora’s Star by Peter F. Hamilton

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rating: 3 of 5 stars
Interesting ideas, well written, good structure – but kind of stereotypical characters. When a star suddenly disappears, a FTL (through wormhole travel) ship is built and sent there to investigate.

I usually love big, thick books, so it was exciting to me to see an epic size science fiction novel. The length in this novel doesn’t satisfy for two reasons:

First, we are given so much back-story that the book is bogged down. The reader has to work very hard to move the story forward as it is never apparent what details are important to the plot and what are there because Peter Hamilton couldn’t bear to leave out anything in his head.

Second, I found myself not caring to remain in the world. For a future where we’ve basically figured out how to live for a very, very long time and can even survive death (perhaps without the most recent memories), it is depressing though. Civilization has become cynical, and thinks it is maturity.

It was good enough though, with a strong enough ending/cliffhanger that I have picked up the second book in this series.

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