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Siggraph preparation

I’ve been getting ready for Siggraph for several months, and now that preparation is wrapping up. I’m getting both excited and nervous. In a week we’ll be in New Orleans. I’ll be blogging and tweeting this from now till the end.

So this Siggraph for me is woven through my life as a mom, a four year old that needs me a lot, driving kids places, camp for older girls, a big family reunion, fielding requests for friend dates, keeping the house up, a daughter that wants a pet rat, and other life responsibilities. My bedroom, which no one sees, is seriously in trouble. Also, the toilets need washing. Now you know the dark secrets of my life.

Preparation now is mostly going through the projects over and over and planning how to present them. I am beta testing and preparing to present Vue 8. This upgrade is going to be easy to say great things about. I’m very excited. Wish I’d had it for a couple of things in the presentation earlier.

Recently had a conference call with the e-on software people. I’m very excited to work with them at the booth. I’m also going to get to meet my editor at Focal Press, who has requested another proposal for a book that has been drowned in all the Siggraph preparation. My plan is to present it to him in person.

Also, I’ve been getting my hair done, acquiring a few things to wear, and more girly kind of preparation. The whole Siggraph thing has resulted in a minor makeover for me (that I can actually write off as a business expense), which has been quite fun.

And now, for a bit of drama and tension (haha), I have a pesky cold! Am taking Zinc, and trying to create a barrier on my upper lip to prevent that chapping. Any other advice?

What has Vladimir been doing for Siggraph, besides incredible artwork? Well, I gave him a buzz. And a cold.

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  1. Airborne really helps. I am so sorry you have a cold. I am sure you will do well. I am looking forward to seeing the new you in a few days. Love you!

  2. Oh…and don’t forget Linus Pauling. My MD admits to taking massive doses of vitamin C when under stress or exposed to many nasty viruses.

  3. Studies show… Sorry, I know. I researched this one a long time ago. Massive doses of Vitamin C do not actually prevent getting viruses. However, Vitamin C can reduce the severity of a cold by a little bit, and reduce it’s longevity by a little bit. Nothing over 250 mg made a difference, so you don’t really need really massive doses. So I did remember to take some on Sunday. But I forgot yesterday.

  4. do they have this in the US http://www.compeed.co.uk/ that way you won’t see a thing on the lip :). And indeed vitamin C never hurts 🙂

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