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Writing goals and changes

I’ve been starting to come to a realization lately. My work at Geekatplay will simply not let up enough for me to concentrate on my writing career as much as I’d like. I’ve decided to not focus on getting a novel done this year, but instead to write short stories for a few more years. I’ve had this inclination before, but my husband wanted me to reach for something bigger, and I wanted to oblige for a number of reasons. With the Vue book out now, and with other prospects, this goal isn’t something either of us have focused on as much.

In fact, Vladimir has recently gotten it into his head that I need a regular deadline to write stories, so why not start a magazine that I always have to have a story ready for? I laughed. Several things: Who am I in the writing community to take it on myself to start a magazine? It is in bad taste to start a magazine just to get my own stories published. And lastly, if we add a magazine to the mix I won’t have time to write a story.

I’ve assured him that now that the whole Siggraph thing is behind me, I will use my time to be writing and have several ideas for short stories. Right now I have two ready for me edit: one is at the “clean up the wording” stage and the other needs some information added and a little bit of a rearrangement. Neither of these have been sent out yet.

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