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Upgrade and makeover

No news that everyone needed to upgrade wordpress if they hadn’t recently to 2.8.4. So I did and of course it was harder than it should have been. Once I was doing that, it was time to change things around and get a few widgets installed and finally get that bibliography and story pages I’ve been wanting on here. So here is that change so far. Anyone have any plugin/widget advice?

Also, I’ve pretty much ignored the idea of tagging. Why have tags AND categories? Seemed and still seems a bit weird, but now there are tag clouds and not category ones, so I’ll start tagging too. I’ll wait to generate a cloud until I have a handful.

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  1. Looks very nice here :).
    About plugins or widgets, i guess it is better to have as few as possible, it all depend on what you would like and then look for widgets that come close to what you like. Categories are handy, more for yourselve so you can find things faster when you look for old posts and so on. Tagging is something i don’t do also , i don’t even know what it is good for 🙂

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