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Downsizing my email collection

So, I got a new computer. It’s a tablet PC with hours and hours of battery power. Joy! As I was contemplating my email, I thought of just starting over. Then I realized, that there is just too much I’d lose. But there is also more than I want, with over 4000 emails. I decided to keep rejections and acceptances, plus a few other writing business things, and then delete almost everything else. Not tax related, or really important family things. Though I haven’t opened the ones I’m deleting almost since the first time I got them, I’m getting nervous. In fact, I’m surprised at the amount of anxiety I’m experiencing, as if I actually were deleting my history.

Here is a summary of it, before I forget. I was involved with the medical blog community for a while, enough so that I even hosted Pediatric Grand Rounds, which I think is no longer extant. I’m not sure, because though I have a couple of medical bloggers I like and read every few months, I’m no longer part of that community.

I had just started a new critique group. It is still extant, but I’m no longer involved because I didn’t have time and I was invited to a more rigorous one.

I am keeping the case study from my physical therapy, because it’s just cool that I was a student’s case study.

Geekatplay did not exist when I first started email. I need to write a post about how that has changed my life.

Deleting emails from a very enthusiastic, and a nice person, but not quite up to par wannabe contributor to Geekatplay. These are well over a year old, but I am still feeling guilty. It’s like I’m deleting the person.

Maybe that is the problem with all the emails. I feel like I’m betraying the sender. For some this isn’t big, since I’m still in touch and some emails were quite fluffy. But others, I’m just getting rid of the only evidence I still have that these people existed.

Well, to all those people, you’re great anyway and don’t take it personally.

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  1. I don’t keep all emails i get. Just the important ones , the rest automaticly get deleted in 4 days after i have received them, unless i move them to the folder where i keep the mails i want to keep. I don’t feel guilty of not keeping the mails, even though they are from nice people, if the mail isn’t important enough to keep it’s gone :).

    Hope you have lots of fun with your new puter 🙂

  2. I have been using my husbands e-mail since we got married, he has two other addresses that he uses as well, so our hotmail account is mostly mine. I have been thinking of getting my own so it was my name and not my husbands that stuff was getting sent to, but it just seems like such a pain to send it to everyone and start over. So I guess I will be using his forever!

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