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Political outburst

An idea for health care: If we’re going to go into economic crippling debt for this, maybe can we just bypass insurance companies and have the gov directly build clinics, pay for the education of docs who go into primary care, and pass tort reform? Then at least we’d have something more useful than profit bloated share holders when it all comes down. Oh, and another stim package? Why are they taxing us to save companies who, often because of unethical practices, can’t manage to make their business successful?

Oh and guess what? Building clinics gives work to people = economic stimulus.

We have been a country run by anectodal evidence for too long.

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  1. I love that last line, it really is true.

  2. Hej Ami, love the new look of your blog!

    Hard to tell how much of this is sarcasm. But my Swedish wife will tell you that, while not perfect, her country does have universal care, isn’t bankrupt, does pay more taxes, but “at least has something to show for it”, and Sweden does pay for medical school (or any other college degree), assuming the student has passing grades. My nephew just graduated from Med school here, over $200K in debt. I recently read that pro­fits at the 10 lar­gest publicly-traded health insu­rance com­pa­nies went up 428 per­cent. CEOs at these com­pa­nies made an ave­rage of $11.9 million in 2007. In the past nine years, health insu­rance pre­miums have more than dou­bled?—?a rate three times fas­ter than wage inc­rea­ses. Health care firms boos­ted their lobb­ying efforts in the second quar­ter of this year by $133 million, beco­ming the lar­gest industry spen­der on lobb­ying. And Karen Ignagni, the chief lobb­yist for the health insu­rance trade asso­cia­tion, made $1.65 million in 2007.

  3. Here are my worries about the current bill. #1. The drug companies will be hit from both sides. Their profits will decrease and their taxes will increase. These are the people that are looking for cures for oh, cancer, Alzheimer’s, the common cold. They make a profit, yes. Too much? I don’t know. Do we really care how much profit they are making if they find a cure for cancer? Do we really want to cut their funding? One more thing about the evil pharma companies….they have tens of thousands of Americans working for them. If we decrease their profit, they have lay offs just like the rest of the country. And hire cheaper help. hmmm #2. Some studies are projecting a $4000 a year increase the average American family will be paying for health insurance by 2019. This is to help pay for those who don’t have insurance. A tax on being healthy? As usual, the majority of the bill will be paid by the middle class in one way or another. #3. All the studies about the impact of the health care bill are being paid for by one side or the other. Yikes. Hard to say where the truth lies. Or if the “truth” is a lie…

  4. Rich, the government is proposing to make sure everyone has insurance, not health care. Does that sound like a good plan?

    I’m angry about the bill myself, Mom. Drug companies, for all that they are ‘evil pharma’ are actually contributing to improving healthcare, while insurance companies are simply taking money and trying not to pay out when people make claims. Vladimir and I are the average american family, and we looking at paying more for less coverage.

    The government is trying to pay providors (the ones in debt for school and doing the work) less, but not looking at cutting costs with insurance companies, and making it mandatory that everyone have insurance? I’m really really upset about this.

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