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Picking up a dropped stitch

Nanowrimo was my last post. I got four serviceable stories done before the crush of November with its birthdays fell upon me. I need to confirm, but I suspect there is often a gap in my blog around this time of year. Since then, I’ve gotten the book contract, I’ve managed and enjoyed the holidays, and I’ve sludged through the dreary January. And January is dreary. My worst year of the month. Honestly, I think I’ve got that seasonal sad thing. But don’t tell my editor that. Or my mom, or my doctor.

I wrought miracles last year during January. This year wasn’t so miraculous and so maybe I’m being a bit hard on myself.

I did start up knitting. I’m going to like that. I’ve done two scarfs and a hat now. I started on another hat for my daughter, but then I wondered why I was putting off the little treat I wanted to make for myself? So I set aside the hat and have started on the pair of fingerless mittens. My hands get cold sometimes when typing or doing a lot of mouse work, as with 3D applications or uhm, you know, games. But my gaming hours have been wittled away by the knitting. Wonderfully, the knitting seems to hit the same need as the gaming. It is good for my psyche to do something that requires logical thinking and/or math. It seems to massage my brain out of funkiness.  And now, I’ll have something to show for it! After the mittens and hat, I’m going to tackle a sweater.

So, now back to the stories. Had a great idea earlier in the day. Need to pull it back from the… There it is. A non-post apocolyptic YA science fiction short story at least. No plot yet, just a setting and a voice. So maybe there is a novel there. And I’ve definitely got to figure out some cool little thing to write about the knitting.

And the 3D book. I’m excited about it. Really excited about it don’t want to talk about it much. I’ll just say this: I honestly think it will be unique and very useful to the3D  community. I’m excited for it to exist. And it won’t exist without me. My deadline is October. Need some kind of status meter or something.

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  1. I love knitting and fingerless mitts are great for gaming. You should check out Ravelry, it is a great knitting resource and community. It has an amazing pattern database and tons of them are free which is an extra bonus.

  2. Wish i could knit, i allways wanted a cardigan (or however that is spelled) like starsky had in starsky and hutch, you know the mexican cardigan. October for the book, does that mean it will be out in october ? then i have something to ask form my birthday lol :).

  3. Hi Awesome! I’m on ravelry. I was filling in my info yesterday, and had to write about myself. They linked to my blog, where I saw November was the last post. My writing urges were left unsatisfied so I came on here. You can find me as Amka if you’re on there.

    Hey Mannie 🙂 No, the book doesn’t come out in October. It takes several months to get a book into production. After I turn my manuscript in, I get a couple of months off. Then they come at me with an edited version I have to go over. Then its back to them and getting printed. If things all go on schedule, I guess it would be May 2011. You’re gonna like it though :).

  4. May is a good month also for me. Thanks for clarifying how that process works , allways good to know

  5. Ummm….hint: If you don’t want your mom to know about possible SAD, don’t put it in your blog. lol That said, putting a full spectrum lamp in the place you like to knit could help. Tons of things you can do. Just sitting in a window for an hour or two a day with the curtains open will help. (laptop or knitting or a book or a child will make the time go fast) Been there done that. This year I was so busy January was over almost before it began.

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