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Evenstar Mystery Shawl

I first saw this at Three Wishes Fiber Arts. A bunch of swatches called Evenstar. Too much for me, I though. Lace, never done it. Only been knitting six weeks. But then I got onto Ravelry and was caught in the net. This is a shawl, a mystery project where we don’t know what we’re going to do next. We get our first clue on Friday. I won’t be able to do much this weekend, because of Life, the Universe, and Everything at BYU (more on that later). So, I went back to Three Wishes and got me some lace weight yarn, in eggplant. Beautiful.

So yesterday was day one, casting on the swatch: I’m insane. Just what was I thinking? I cast on the swatch 2 times, and I am only now learning yo and ssk. So I’ve just undone my second cast on and part of the first row. And there are more decreasing/increasing stitches to come! 

Still, I’m learning. How to make an even cast on with such a small weight and how to do those other stitches. I was here just six weeks ago with my very first casting on. Oh yeah. Did I mention I was insane?

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  1. Lace is so amazing because it is hard to see what it really looks like when you are knitting it, it gets all scrunchy. It is amazing to block it and see it blossom.

    Personally I would not have started with a shawl, I am still trying to get up the courage to knit one. I have done several lace scarves though which has given me the desire to expand my lace knitting to more ambitious projects. Lace can be knit with other weights of yarn so that you can get a better feel for the stitches you need to do.

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