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Four submissions! Woot!

Today, I submitted four stories. Okay, two are on my desk in their envelopes because the mail man had a holiday (which they need like every other human being). Those stories will be in the mailbox tomorrow morning and off to Asimovs and Fantasy and Science Fiction. The other two went to Clarkesworld and Abyss and Apex. Goal one for the week. Clarkesworld should give me their rejection within 24 hours.

Going to Life, the Universe, and Everything at BYU was just the medicine I needed to kick January behind me. It is good to just talk to other writers at diffferent levels, to listen, learn a few things, get a few ideas. Thank you everyone!

Besides, Brandon Sanderson had a fantastic keynote about having a positive outlook on genre fiction and what is coming out of the field. Even if we don’t like vampire stories, other people do and we shouldn’t be dissing them. (Did I mention one of my submissions was actually a vampire story? Hah! I never thought I’d write one but this was just too funny.) I need to go find a link to that talk. Hopefully someone recorded it.  If not I might want to do a more thorough rundown of it.

Oh, and while I was at LTUE I finished the first of my pair of fingerless writing gloves. This knitting things is really fun.

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  1. Yeah for submissions! And LTUE! And fingerless gloves! Way to go. Brandon’s talk was awesome!

  2. LTUE was awesome. I got to meet Brandon Mull on Saturday.

    Liked Brandon Sanderson’s keynote. Also liked John Brown’s workshop on How to write a story that rocks.

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