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Almost finished with my book

When the writing gets intense, I tend to stop writing here. This summer I had to prepare for Siggraph, and then finish my book. Of course there was time for here, but sometimes when I get stressed, my wonder is “What to blog about?” And then there is Facebook. I have actually written a couple of notes even on facebook that I haven’t put here. It’s easier to post there, I guess, when I check up on friends and such every day there.

I don’t know if I want to use my personal website to blog entirely about 3D art tips and tricks, and news. So I’ll probably be starting another one. But of course I don’t want to leave this one.

Just did a lesson today on the Restoration. I love history. I love the Gospel. The Restoration is one of my favorite subjects. It really shows, as Nephi says, “The tender mercies of the Lord”.

As I turned my atteniton back on here to delete all the spam comments – an amazing amount get through – one of the most recent comments I saw was from a dear acquaintence, known through my 3D work, who had passed away. Mannie was a great guy. Always had thoughtful comments and always did wonderful work. I hope he rests in peace.

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