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A cantakerous review of a snack

What a morning! At least I got my now wimpy jog in at the beginning. But my mood is still cranky, so I’ll take it out on a huge corporation that helped my morning be less than perfect.

So, Emerald snacks has this “breakfast on the go!” thing that I’ve been curious about. It’s always cost more than I wanted to pay, until I found it on sale yesterday. So I tried the s’more flavor because the other one had walnuts in them. A good, honest ingredient to be sure but they give me and some of my kids canker sores.

I intended them to be more of a snack than a breakfast, you know, better than a candy bar kind of thing. I’ll give them the “on the go”. It’s portable enough. But breakfast? When did smores become breakfast? But this morning my two youngest took the packaging at its word and refused anything else except a glass of milk for the morning meal, and since it said “on the go” they also wouldn’t eat it until they got in the car and we were driving. It made a good “don’t always believe the label” moment later on.

The nuts in the snack are fine. It’s mostly honey roasted peanuts, a staple favorite of mine. And I dare not buy a whole bag of the cocoa roast almonds because they push every crave button I have, and I’d quickly consume about 10-20 servings, thus gaining a pound in a day.

But the rest of this snack is horrible. And this isn’t just me. I’m sitting here with two half eaten bags of the stuff, and it’s the nuts they picked out to eat. The items in the rest of the snack are little granola clusters, graham cracker bits, and milk chocolate candies and mini marshmallow bits. Oh, there is some shaved coconut too. ALL of these are overly sweet. And this coming from a certified sugar lover.

The milk chocolate candies, which are M&M ripoffs, are too sweet and quite grainy. The graham cracker bits are pretty much tasteless, and what taste they have doesn’t resemble graham crackers. But the worst offender are the mini marshmallow bits. Why did they even bother with the label “marshmallow”?  I mean, I questioned the “marshmallow” bits in cereals but these don’t even resemble those. They’re hard lumps of some dried syrup stuff that aren’t soft or light in any way. The best way to describe them is artificial fruit bits (as found in things like cheap blueberry muffin mixes) without any of the flavor. 

This reiterates to me a rule I’ve been following: the finer the print on the label, the more important and true it is. I should have read the whole label thoroughly. But even so, even as a bag of candy stuff, the flavoring of this snack falls short.

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  1. A hard stuff marshmallow isn’t marshmallow at all, no matter how many times they’d label it. Some companies do fake their products. Tasteless snacks are indeed worth a post if you aren’t satisfied with what you pay for.

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