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Yardwork, and why aren’t I in bed right now?

Hello, people reading my blog.

Today, I weeded out my roses and fed them, took the lower branches off an overgrown pine tree in our yard, cleaned up the mess left when we removed an aspen from one of our front flower beds, thus preparing the now almost empty and rather large bed to be planted.  Then I went to the nursery to get seven Soapwart plants, and then I planted those, plus the lovely one chosen by a Japanese student we boarded a few weeks ago, in the front flower bed.  Then I went to a family party.  After that, we went to Lowe’s, where we purchased a dwarf Japanese Maple for the back yard, and some currant and raspberry canes.

Then I came home, bagged all the goodies people got at my Pampered Chef party.

I should be dead tired right now, shouldn’t I? 

Tomorrow morning, I will take my daughter to the bus stop at 7.  Then I will jog 2 miles, and walk 1.5 for a total of 3.5, preferably within 40 minutes.  I’m training for a 5K.  In a couple of weeks, I hope to be jogging the 3.1 miles. 

After that, I will go to the nursery and get some kind of pretty, colorful annuals for the flower bed, maybe a few more perennials, and probably the tree or bush that needs to go in a place there.  Preferably a small tree that flowers beautifully in the spring.  Or maybe a lilac.  I need to consider water consumption too, since I live in a desert.  I sadly ruled out a flowering almond, and a hydrangea, and a magnolia. 

But still, I laid down in my bed tonight, awake, unable to sleep.  It wasn’t that I was worrying about something.  Yard work, hard as it is, is very destressing.  My mind is just churning.  I didn’t even really want to read, because I’d already listened to the last few stories of a collection by Arthur C. Clark, and the introduction to and first half of Beowulf. 

I want to write, but I don’t have enough time to commit to something I would ruminate over and consider.  There are several blog topics: I want to respond to my mother’s comments on my last post.  I want to talk about the problems in the health care system in America.  I have something titled Medical Voyeurism that I almost have finished.  I want to talk about the question of the origins of life on earth and how it pertains to faith in God.  And why charity is more tied in to religion than secularism.  I want to talk about healthy weight and body image. 

Argh, I haven’t even had time to write in my blog. 

I have several ideas for some short stories.  A movie script, well, actually two, I need to work on, and one my husband and a friend wrote that I need to edit a bit.  And then there is the novel.  That ring I haven’t quite grasped yet.  It is still there, in my head… I’m trying not to let it accumulate dust, but it kind of is right now.  I think you can see why. 

I had a dream about being a resident the other night. 

I think it is because what I really want is that thrashing that residents get, except in writing. Someone would stick me in a room with a writing assignment, and I have to finish it before a strick deadline.  And then they would take my manuscript and bleed red ink all over it, and make me fix it.  Then they’d make me do it again.  One time, I would have to write a novel.  They would make me do that over and over again until I’d written those first million words that suck, that you never want an audience to read.  Well, at least you never want them to pay for the privilege of reading.   (Do these words count?)

After that, of course, I’d write a debut novel that would be acclaimed by all, despite the fact that Oprah would never read it.  Husband could retire and pursue his dream, while we were financially stable.

I think I’m going to go to bed and dream now. 

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  1. When you can, try some gardening and then go directly to your writing…you will be amazed at how it centers you and improves your creativity. Probably why Ursela K LeGuin writes such green books…she lives in Portland and must have a wonderful year round garden. (this garden thing is my opinion…she might just be inspired by the greenery around her hehe) Anyway, speculation about LeGuin aside, I have gone to pull weeds and prune and plant when I need a little something to spark my creativity. The only thing that compares to gardening is music. ok…i am rambling. time to go to bed. hehe

  2. Gardening is one of my favorite things in life. I just wish I knew more about plants…guess I could learn though, eh? Isn’t it funny how we hated to do it when we were young? Just goes to show that the tortures of youth often turn into the loves of adulthood.

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