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Grand Rounds redux

Dr. Ibear, artist extraordinaire, is hosting Grand Rounds at Doc Around the Clock.

He and I share something special: We’ve both fallen off a treadmill in front of lots of people.


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  1. I seem to get an error when I click on the “doc” link. It may be on my end. I’m not sure.

    If you read my response in my blog, you’ll know that falling off a treadmill is my biggest fear. 🙂 In front of lots of people? Oooo…even worse. It’s like falling on a patch of ice; you get up really quick and see if anyone noticed. 🙂

  2. Thanks for the heads up on the link. I’m not sure just how I should do this trackback thing. Kind of like falling of a treadmill in the blogosphere. Oops, was that me being technologically inept? So embarrassing…

    Anyway, it’s fixed now. Simple link, no trackback.

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