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Putting Faces to the Stories

Amka, Vladimr, and the girls

Mother in law snapped this picture when she and Vladimir came back to the car after we attended the Living Traditions Festival (see last paragraph). We were hanging out while they had been talking to some other Russian couple there. 

This is my family. I’m a lucky woman.

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  1. Lovely brood you have there, Amka! (When did they stop being little and playing pirate wedding??? ;))


  2. Whoa….it took me a minute to decide who was Amka and who was daughter #1. Oh my….They are growing up. Beautifully. kisses to the babies from mom aka grandma ps…is your hair a different color???

  3. Thanks Ollie.

    Bella – Grown up, yes… but they haven’t stopped playing pirate wedding. Daughter #1 is taking it a step further and filming now.

    mom – They are growing up, aren’t they? I’m stunned, sometimes. But, part of it would be the perspective.

    Hair color isn’t different, it’s probably just the shade from the tree.

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