Ping Pong

I run.

My husband plays ping pong.

Now, lest you think this is mamsy-pamsy way to exercise, let me inform you that a number of his opponents are Chinese. These men set the bar for the game at Vlad’s office, so that even if he isn’t playing against someone Chinese, the play is pretty intense. 

So he was playing with a good friend of his, we’ll call him Buff Blond Geek, because cute anonymous nick names are the trend in blogging.  At least, we think he is a friend. BBG (another vital blogging technique: using only initials of CANNs). Anyway, BBG was serving and hit the ball the Vladimir hard, fast, and directly into Vlad’s eye.

From all accounts, my husband was thrown backwards into the wall by the incredible force of the blow.  Life flashed before his eyes, well… there were bright flashes, at least.  He worried that he might get a black eye, but being the plucky macho guy he is, he laughed along with BBG.

A coworker came in and wondered what was so funny. Recounting the event in florid detail was not enough, so BBG decided to demonstrate just how fantastic his serve had been.

All the way down to hitting Vladimir right in the other eye.

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  1. Ping pong. Such a violent game. 🙂 I used to play a lot, and was actually pretty good, though I don’t think I ever knocked someone into a wall before. Granted, it hit his eye…..That must have been painful. Did it leave a mark? 🙂

  2. Pictures! We need pictures! LOL

    Great story, Amka! (I can just see Vladimir doing that!) Fuul even laughed with that knowing “Oh, Yeah, *that’s* Vladimir” look! LOL


  3. You can’t make this stuff up. Here’s hoping you won’t have to restock your library with braile.

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