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The Tomato Contest of Dr. Charles

I’m growing tomatoes.

He’s having a contest.

Seems like a match to me.

But let me tell you of my gardening woes. The very week after I transplated my tomatoes into my garden, we had record breaking high temperatures. I struggled to keep them watered enough, then I worried that they were getting too much water. I think I found the balance, now. This is a new yard for me, though it is only across the street from my old house. I may need to add sand to the soil for next year. Already added lime (blossom rot is a problem around here) and of course rotted cow poop.

I’m glad, though, that I had different priorities and planted the flowers first. We also experienced a late frost/snow. Lost a couple of plants, but not too bad. We have fewer cherries, peaches, and pears this year because of that.

A Japanese Maple we planted had a rough time, as well as my roses with green leaves. The roses have recovered very well, but the Maple is looking pretty ragged. Most trees were flowering or their leaves just budding. It probably wouldn’t have had its leaves completely out if it had been in all winter. Darn. It will survive, though.

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  1. I have two tomatoes and more blossoms that will soon be tomatoes…neener neener neener. lol I also have blossoms on my tomatillos. My beans are up and will soon be climbing the fence. 🙂 My zucchini is up and even the cantaloupe I planted less than a week ago. Woohoo! We have been eating wonderful fresh green salads from the garden daily, but the greens are starting to bolt and turn bitter, so that will be finished in a week or so. Isn’t gardening wonderful??? She says as she hurries off to water the potted plants by the front door.

  2. But I don’t think I will enter Dr. Charles’ tomato growing contest. I will be content to just slice them up and share them.

  3. You’re on! thanks for joining, and i must say that an entire salad grown from your garden would make me very very jealous

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