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Related to Barack Obama?

“We’re Related” says that I’m related to Barack Obama. There is only one problem. Okay, there are two problems. First, it’s April the First – Fools Day! Second, my supposed great grandparents died in 85 and 99, and I don’t recognize their names. BUZZ. I remember the deaths of two ...

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Expectations for kids

Had my writing group yesterday, after a long winter haitus. Very good stuff came out from there. Got the short story I recently finished thoroughly thrashed and I’m very excited at how improved it will be as a result. Also, during the course of the conversation we talked about how ...

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Snow, treacherous snow

A frozen, white ocean stretches across my front window. Roiling waves break against the cement, frothing up into dirty chunks of snow and ice. Wednesday, the storm hit during the commute. My oldest comes home from school on the city bus. She had called to ask me to come pick her up. I ...

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And now for something stupid

Apple makes really poor software. The Itunes software, at it’s best is just a portal so you think that Itunes is the only place you can legally download songs for your ipod. And they do make it easy. That part, they’ve got down. Once you actually want to organize those ...

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