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Acute publishing crisis

Hey all, Like to read? Wanna buy my book someday? Buy a book. Like, now… http://editorialass.blogspot.com/2008/11/crash-flow-or-what-went-wrong-in.html I was thinking about going a different direction than I sometimes do, this Christmas. I’ll probably do what I usually do. Predictable and yet, always a surprise. Actually, it can take a long time ...

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Mountain Con

I was bummed because I’ve been missing all the con goodness. But at least the fall one is coming up in Utah. So if you live around here, you’ll see me on Saturday at Mountain Con. Some great writing workshops and will meet up with a few fellow writers.

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Fundamental creation

Michael Heller will be awarded the Templeton prize, which is given for “progress towards research or discoveries about spiritual realities”, for his life’s work pursuing the ultimate cause. Reading his statement at the announcement of the prize, I find a kindred spirit: “…I am interested in too many things.  Amongst my ...

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Is Reiki religion or science?

The claim has been made that Reiki is not a religion, but is evidence based medicine. So I decided to compare it to both religion and medicine to see where it fit best. I think I’m a pretty good choice to do the comparison since I am both religious and ...

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The mind/body connection

There has been an interesting discussion about complementary and alternative medicine between bloggers Lynn and #1 Dinosaur. One thing I’d like to point out in this discussion is why the mind/body connection is not alternative medicine. By alternative medicine, I mean therapies that patients pursue that have little to no scientific backing. It ...

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