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Blue Moon Ranch and live alpacas

I had decided that my stargazing, herding culture would herd alpacas instead of sheep. Just to be different and because I’d read they were very intelligent and social. Sounds like a nice group for my very philosophical, regretful culture who are looking forward to the day they can redeem themselves ...

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Acrylic nails

So just days before I left on my trip, the worst of all disasters occurred: I broke a nail. I don’t usually care about all that. Writing involves typing, and short nails are typically good. But I was going to present, and I like to use my hands a lot, ...

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Perhaps she’ll die

I swallowed a fly this morning. Things that went through my head: Gah! get it out, get it out! Too late. Now it’s going to die, struggling in the acid of my stomach. Hey, I got a calorie while running. There are those 200 calorie gel packs that some people ...

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Magical thinking doesn’t help serious fantasy writers

And I don’t just mean that wishing my novel to be written will align and harmonize the energies so my computer will synthesize my prose.  I was researching the fastest way complicated messages (other than something beacons could convey) could be transmitted in ancient times. I googled “ancient messaging”. I got a link ...

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Anxiety and Determination

She trembled a little as she looked at the small, clear blue disk on the tip of her finger. She blinked hard. Then, one more time, she pulled back her eyelids and carefully positioned the contact onto, hopefully this time, and yes… placed the contact in her eye. She jumped ...

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Growing in a Different Direction

Along the busy road that runs behind my house is a row of trees maintained by the city, to make it look beautiful and prosperous. I’ve walked that road many times. They all stand straight in a row, except for one. It angles away from the road before it reaches ...

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