The first, but probably not the last “two for one”

Because I missed yesterday, you get TWO questions today.

Another exploration into lactation:

How did mammary glands evolve?


Do people see the exact same colors I see? I mean, if I got to see through their eyes and brain, would their blue be the same as mine?

One response to “The first, but probably not the last “two for one””

  1. Interesting question. By “see,” I assume you mean interpret. Let me explain. Blue is, at least in my mind, defined by its particular wavelength (~450nm, if I recall correctly). That’s definitive. So, as long as a photon with that wavelength is incident on a detector (in this case, a person’s eye), then they are seeing the exact same color that you would be. Of course, how their brain interprets that electrochemical reaction/response is entirely uncertain. No one would ever be able to tell, for sure.

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