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Vladimir has a blog!

My husband isn’t much of a writer, though he is a great story teller. As many know, he is also an artist and is responsible for most of the artwork in our book, Vue 7 From the Ground Up. So his blog is mostly pictures he has created, though he’ll write a few things too. I won’t be correcting his English except for spelling errors that make it difficult to understand. So you’ll be getting him as is. And you know, I think he’s pretty good that way.


And, my sister recently started a blog too. She is crazy busy and far more organized than I can ever hope to be. Read about everything she does on the header on her blog, and then let me tell you that she also organized our family reunion this summer, does my dad’s business accounting, one of her beautiful boys is autistic, the list just goes on, and she keeps it all together and is thoughtful to everyone around her. She’s a really great woman.


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