Spring break, not just for kids.

This morning, I didn’t have to drive anyone to school. Oh, I did wake up at 6, and wished my other girls a good day, but then I went back to bed. For a whole hour.

It was such a relief, because getting kids to school is much more than driving them. It’s waking up a six year old who is not a morning person. I’ve trained myself not to react to his grouchiness, but what this gets me is that he won’t let anyone else help him. Sigh.

At the sound of my voice, he squeezes his eyes shut and burrows into the covers, clasping them so it’s hard to uncover him. I try to joke with him. He growls and whines. I take the covers off. He screams that it’s cold.  We wrestle him into his clothes because I can’t let anyone be late and he’d just go back to sleep if I left him to dress himself. If breakfast isn’t exactly how he wants it, he screams. If, in the car, my other daughter has turned on the radio on whatever arbitrary day is NOT her day to listen to music, he screams. Finally, he falls asleep in the car.

But by that time, I’m in rush hour traffic. And that’s it’s own special fun.

So you see, spring break isn’t just about sleeping in. It’s about letting him sleep in.

Now, don’t get me wrong. He’s usually a cheerful, kind hearted kid. But mornings, whew. Glad there is a donut shop near the school.


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