Why it’s so quiet here

There are a lot of reasons.

A) I’m sick of focusing on myself. And blogs – especially writer blogs focused on self promotion (no matter their subject) do that, a lot. Also, so does Facebook. Anyone who knows me on Facebook knows I’ve gone pretty much silent there.

B) I’m mother to my children and wife to my husband, which has always taken priority over my writing.

C) I’ve been moving away from writing fiction. I’ve come to realize that the real world with real people is more interesting than anything made up rattling in my head.

D) My time is precious – if I’m going to read then I should be intentionally learning. I want to know all about the whole world, as much as I can. It’s such an amazing place. People are so incredible! But even my learning should be the kind that can help me serve. And if I’m going to write, it should be in the same vein – to serve God and my fellow men.

E) So, I’m back in college, studying history with a goal to research, write, and teach history and to do family history, which will be challenging for my husband’s half of our family. I’m also studying Russian for that reason. I’m not exactly, 100% sure how I’m going to get from here to there, or even exactly what I’m supposed to be doing “there” but I know I’m where God wants me to be right now and moving in the right direction. I figure if I keep doing that, taking things step by step, I’ll get there.

F) And I’m currently a den leader to some very energetic wolves.

So, I’m pressing forward and life is full. It’s a good place to be.



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