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  • Remembering George

    A good friend of our family died last week. His funeral was today. He was a companion to my dad when they were in Mexico on a mission during their early 20s. We called him Uncle George, growing up. My mom and dad couldn’t be here, so I went to represent our family. I would have […]

  • Teaching religious tolerance to children

    In the comments section of Sarabeth asked: But, Ami, doesn’t it (secularism) have to seep into our private lives in order for our children to become non-judgmental about others’ beliefs? No. We should love and respect others, no matter their beliefs, but I don’t think we should be ‘non-judgmental’ about their beliefs. It is our duty to […]

  • Secularism Revealed

    A while ago I wrote a piece about secularism, where I received some interesting and stimulating comments. In particular, Clark Bartram addressed my remarks on his blog. Because of PGR, getting a job, and other commitments, I have been unable to reply until now. First of all, I would like to return the respect that […]

  • Religion on the Rise?

    Picked this on up in the NYT. Apparently, college students are becoming more religious.  Why? The article speculates on social issues and trends, such as the religious right both sending more kids on to college and that the RR has sparked religious discussion causing questioning. September 11th has also made us aware that religion is […]

  • I don’t believe in “god of the gaps”

    I knew I would be swamped and that getting this part of my response to Clark’s intimation of dead end faith would take a while, but not quite this long. For that, I apologize. For what it is worth, this is not so much a rebuttal as an explanation as to why I believe he […]

  • The Problem of Suffering: Christianity vs. Mormonism

    Many Christians are fond of pointing out that I am not Christian. I used to rebel against this, since as a Mormon, I share with them a foundational belief in Jesus Christ and the Atonement. But as I came to learn more about those sects of traditional and especially fundamental Christianity that excluded my belief, […]

  • Arguing the gaps

    For years, I participated in discussions about religion, science, and perceptions about God. At one point, I frequented a board supposedly devoted to the debate until I figured out that it was merely a place to ridicule any theist.  Every sound or logical point I made was always ignored. Instead they told me what I […]